Bounding Ramps

With March’s poll complete, I turned my focus to the first story for the month, another Drama. Though it competed with the draft of a different project. But when that future draft stopped spinning around in my mind, I ventured back to NYC Midnight’s collection of prompts for 2019 and pulled a random Drama prompt. And I grumbled about the location once my mind processed it. I needed to put a dramatic story into a parking garage. A parking garage. How do you spin a dramatic story in that place? The requirement to layer in a tennis racket seemed easy in comparison.

When I focused my attention on the constraints, I allowed my mind the freedom it required to craft a story. While there are aspects of action/adventure to the tale my mind developed, I think there are plenty of twists and turns that ramp up the drama. Come join me as I let Patrick’s story unfold in this chase into a parking garage.

Patrick dashes into a parking garage, trying to evade a local gang. Will he be able to avoid their wrath, or will he suffer their vengeance…

Helen's Knucklers

Patrick glanced over his shoulder and stumbled into the parking garage, tripping over the threshold. He caught himself on the trunk of the closest vehicle and bounded off it, rushing toward the ramp. As his legs propelled him up the slope, he heard a commotion, and risked another glance behind him and witnessed a pair of leather-clad bikers rush into the structure. Patrick reached the next level and turned right, putting a car between him and the dangerous men. With a shallow breath, he peered at them and waited.

The larger of the two grabbed his partner and roared, “Do you think you can outrun us?”

“Of course he does,” the smaller one said, shaking the hand off him. “That little peon scampered after he disrespected me.”

“We’ll get him, Gerry,” The first man replied as he pointed towards the car Patrick peered over.

Gerry’s smile flashed his teeth as he inched toward the ramp. His tongue ran along his lips as his scrutiny intensified.

Patrick ducked down and swallowed an enormous lump in his throat.


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