The Girl Who Sees

Sometimes when I’m browsing Audible, I’ll glance at their suggestions, and sometimes I’ll even latch onto one. So when The Girl Who Sees: Sasha Urban Series, Book 1, popped up on that list, the cover caught my attention. The vortex of playing cards pulled at my attention, and I possessed an extra credit to use, so I traded the credit for the book. Despite getting the book, it lingered in my library for a while, until I finished some other stories.

When I pick up an Urban Fantasy, I’m expecting a certain format, especially with the protagonist. Typically, they are well versed with their magic and the world of the supernatural. But this time, we get a protagonist that is blissfully unaware about the darker world around her, which allows for a unique tale.

Despite being ignorant about the supernatural, the protagonist, Sasha Urban, is not clueless. She’s smart as smart as they come and can take disparate facts and make the right conclusions, which she uses for her day job. However, her genuine passion is performing magic, which is where the story begins.

As a stage illusionist, she is the perfect skeptic for the paranormal, even when it gets shoved into her face. Her analytical mind tries to explain it away with rational explanations. However, as her exposure to the darker secrets of the supernatural continue to increase, it gets harder for her to ignore the only logical conclusion. As the action intensifies, she connects the disparate facts and reluctantly accepts her new normal.

As she explores the supernatural world, we’re treated to a little exposition into the magic system of this unknown world, and it’s unique and engaging. With each character that enters this fresh life of hers, the characters get developed as the world is explored.

Overall, I enjoyed read, but when I looked at the next book in the series, I got the impression that it would delve into the romantic side of things. Unfortunately, I’m not that into the romance side of literature, so I’ll leave this series unexplored. But for those who like an Urban Fantasy with Romance undertones, you should look into the Sasha Urban series.

The Girl Who Sees