Best Laid Plans

After the rough landing on Soloran, Isaac forced the triumvirs to redesign the colonization ships. Irate of the potential delay, Olyver pushed for the Triumvirate to ignore the complaints of a single pilot. Unfortunately for him, Quinn and Caitlin take the pilot’s concern seriously and force Olyver to reluctantly agree to the patient path. But despite the setback, Olyver seeks to honor his promises. Will Olyver be able to honor those pledges? Or will he be required to give his constituents unwelcome news?

Solora's Descent

Olyver inhaled the aromas wafting up from the food arrayed before him. As he extracted the silverware from his napkin, the triumvir licked his lips. Olyver dragged the knife’s edge along the tines of his fork, stopping when the plate slid across the table. He followed the motion, discovering two men and a woman occupying the opposite bench. Olyver’s eyes darted among the trio and the exit as the utensils tumbled out of his grip, clattering on the table.

As the clanging settled, the woman bent down, taking a deep inhalation. “This chef can do marvelous things.”

“Ur… Ursula…” Olyver stuttered. As his hands flew together. “It’s a pleasure to see you.”

She reached out and plucked the fallen utensils and sliced off a bite. “If that’s true, you wouldn’t be shaking so badly,” she purred as a wicked smile took hold at the edges of her lips. “But since you never contacted us, we decided we needed to come and visit you.”

“Nonsense,” Olyver insisted as he forced himself deeper into the booth. “It’s just a surprise to find you here.”

The woman popped the morsel into her mouth and started chewing.




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