Dead of Night

When I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed, sometimes I’ll see a book recommendation in there. I usually skip them, but occasionally the cover or tag line pulls me in. I cannot remember which captivated me with Dead of Night, but I took a lengthy look at the ad and followed it to the Amazon page to get Dead of Night.

How long can the world’s only necromancer cheat Death?

That is the leading question of the book’s Product Description, and it’s a tantalizing inquiry. Suitably intrigued by the book and having an extra credit, I pulled the trigger and dove into the new urban fantasy. As soon as I finished listening to Soul of the Never, I started reading M.R. Forbes’s tale.

The book begins with the protagonist completing a job, though it takes a while for him to wield his power. Though the moment he embraces his talent, there is no going back. Before the first encounter can finish, Conor accepts another contract, and his life gets turned upside down. The action is well paced and at the forefront of the story. However, the author doesn’t skimp on character development. As the tale progresses, we are treated to time jumps to explore Conor’s history and how it affects his present and future.

Besides getting an excellent insight into the world’s only known Necromancer, M.R. Forbes weaves a wonderfully unique and exciting take on magic. In this world, magic existed once before, but shortly after its birth, the phenomenon reversed itself. And as time marched on another shift occurred, and the supernatural flooded back, bringing all kinds of exotic creatures and wizards. Each mage can wield one or more frequencies of magic. Unfortunately for Conor, his slice of the magical spectrum comes with a terrible catch. To be a Necromancer, the person in question needs to be dying, and the protagonist is no exception.

The premise rolled on and delivered a fantastic read, and while I plan to pick up the next book, this series is intended for a more mature audience. Keep that in mind while you consider adding Dead of Night to your library.

Dead of Night