Blood Is Thicker

When I found Blood Is Thicker available on Audible, I pounced on it eager to consume the next story in the Montague & Strong Case Files. With the first two books in this series, Orlando Sanchez crafted a beautiful world with characters so engaging and fascinating that I couldn’t wait to follow along in their adventures. With each word, I wrapped the narrative around me like a comfortable blanket, letting the plot unfurl in my mind.

As with the previous installments, our detectives are tossed into the deep end almost immediately. This time they’re greeted by the leader of the Dark Council, though she’s suffering from a potentially fatal wound. And while Simon and Tristan are pursuing the answers to the attack on Michiko, Tristan’s use of a void vortex in Full Moon Howl was not overlooked by his old order. And unlike a friendly customer at a deli, the mages seeking to capture Tristan refuse to take their number and get in line for a chance to catch their wayward mage.

*Blood Is Thicker*

The main issue that I’ve had with this series rears its ugly head once more, Simon’s inability to die. Throughout the entire book, many references are made to his special situation, and I’m never genuinely afraid that he’s ever in any actual danger. And just like before, the author’s attempt to make us fearful for Simon’s life falls short, or to quote Maxwell Smart:

Missed it by that much.

Though we’re finally gifted with some true insight into why Simon’s circumstances are so unique, but you’ll miss it if you’re not paying attention. As the final words of the novel lingered in my mind, I remembered the last sentence of my review of Full Moon Howl:

But the series is too good to avoid while I wait for the Audible version of the book…

Unfortunately, the ending was like a bucket of ice water falling on my head. Books should always have a beginning, a middle, and an end. There are some series that flaunt this mandate, essentially becoming a serialized tome. There can be ample reasons to defer minor plot points to future stories; however, something that accompanies the primary storyline for the entire manuscript should not be ignored as the novel comes to a close. And with this case file, Orlando Sanchez leaves several threads flapping in the wind with Blood Is Thicker. Presumably, he will wrap them all up with the next installment of Montague & Strong, Silver Clouds Dirty Sky, but I’m not eager to get strung along. With that said, the characters are interesting enough that when it’s available on Audible, and if I have a spare credit, I might pick it up.