After the Captain locked down every member of the crew who attended Rylan’s gathering, they all wait for Rylan’s plan to unfold. Unfortunately, with each passing day, the ship gets closer to their home, and the tensions begin to mount. Annabelle constantly attempts to pry more information from Rylan, but he refuses to disseminate more information. The day the ship arrives in their home system, the former technician has Darvan pass out data crystals with all the information each of the escapees need. Will Rylan’s plan succeed? Or will Darvan prove to be working for the Captain?

Rylan sat down at his desk and opened a direct connection to Annabelle’s cabin. The screen flashed up with Annabelle’s face, and Rylan grinned. “Are you prepared for the escape?”

“First,” Annabelle muttered as she lifted a gem. “Tell me how you got this crystal into my quarters.”

With a smile, Rylan tapped his chin. “I’ll give you one guess.”

“You had Darvan deliver this,” she groaned, striking her forehead with her palm.

“Not just yours,” Rylan admitted. “He deposited a copy to everyone on the shuttle.”

Annabelle tossed the gem into the air and caught it as it plummeted. “You planned on the Captain breaking up that meeting.”

“Yes,” Rylan said, lifting his back. He grabbed some stuff off his desk and shoved them into the bag. “With as volatile as he and the rest of the crew have become, they needed to stop anything.”

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