Devastating Loss

With the scientists discovering a way to defend the settlement from the newest menace, Tarian directs Lloyd to perfect their defenses. The quartermaster diligently works to ensure their safety, and he believes he’s successfully improved their perimeter. With the recent threat neutralized, Lloyd throws himself back into the construction of munitions to preserve the colony from the ever-present horde. As Lloyd adds to the colony’s stock, shape shifting bandits attempting to penetrate the updated defenses. Will the thieves succeed in their attempt to steal the precious ordinance? Or will Tarian and Lloyd be able to keep their equipment safe?

Devestating Loss

Tarian lifted his head from his desk, gripping his forehead. With a groan, he swiveled around, searching for the origin of the blaring sound. When he couldn’t locate the source of the racket, he started blinking the sleep from his eyes and stumbled towards the window. He propped himself in front of the opening and stared out across the open patch of field and saw the alarm lights of the munitions storehouse flashing. As his gaze followed the whirling beams, the commotion clicked into place. Tarian spun, rushing from his quarters.

When he burst from the building, Tarian dashed towards the depot. But as he crossed the courtyard, a hand gripped him. Tarian reached back and tugged on the figure, screaming, “What are you trying to steal from us?”

“Nothing,” Lloyd whimpered as his face paled, and his fingers attempted to break Tarian’s grasp. “But rushing headlong into a raid isn’t your best idea.”

As Tarian relaxed his grip, he spun towards the building as his hand flew for a weapon. Unfortunately, he found an empty holster. He cursed as he wheeled back on Lloyd. “Do you have a spare gun?”

Lloyd drew a pistol and stared at his extra handgun. With a snort, he thrust it towards Tarian. “Next time, why don’t you grab something to defend yourself before you try to take on a mystery.”

“Just give me the gun,” Tarian barked as he snatched the weapon. He aimed the small firearm at the depot and inched forward.




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