A Murder of Manatees

When Larry Correia’s initial story featuring Tom Stranger finished, I was eager to start the next entry in the series, A Murder of Manatees, so I downloaded that installment of my favorite Interdimensional Insurance Agent and listened to the tale. Thankfully, the humor of the previous installment is in full force in this aquatic investigation, and it starts with Tom Stranger leading a convention about the audio recording of his preceding adventure.

From the onset, we are reminded there are multiple incarnations of Larry Correia. The first is the writer who later “publishes” an audiobook of Tom Stranger’s activities. The other is known as the Interdimensional Lord of Hate, and he’s the richest man in all the multiverse. Unfortunately, for the author Larry Correia, his story didn’t conform to Tom Stranger’s expectations. The discussion is used to show Tom’s misunderstanding of the intricacies of the novelist’s, Larry Correia, dimension.

After the conference, Tom Stranger roles into his junior associates’ reviews. As he plows through them, he gets to the one he’d been dreading, Jimmy, the intern. While the previous story’s events impressed Tom enough to give Jimmy a chance, the lad proves unable to live up to the expectations of an Interdimensional Insurance Agent/Intern. The highlight of Jimmy’s incompetence comes when Tom is told about Jimmy’s attempt to sell a plan to a potential client. The only problem is Jimmy’s belief that the prospective customer is a head of cabbage.

From there you should assume that Jimmy is the primary source of the book’s humor, and Larry Correia delivers it perfectly. The story quickly splits into two different narratives, one following Jimmy’s journey and the other watching Tom’s investigation of Wendell the Manatee’s kidnapping. Pull out a comfortable chair and pick up the latest entry in the adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent.

Tom Stranger in... A Murder of Manatees