Art Roundup, week of January 10th

While I haven’t posted a roundup post of my recent art so far this new year, I’ve been busy pushing my current limitations as an artist. And while I continue to push forward with my ultimate goal, I’m still making too many mistakes to feel comfortable publishing any of my attempts at drawing Harrison (one of the chief characters from Crossroads). From the moment he emerged from the depths of my mind, I have wanted to capture that manic grin of my mad scientist (given the setting, he’s more of an alchemist). Despite inching closer to my lofty aim, I invite you to enjoy a collection of my doodles, liquified textures, and name plaques. I originally published these pieces during the week of January 3rd for my patrons. But after seven days of exclusivity, I reposted them in my DeviantArt gallery, and now I am bringing them to my blog. Sit back and enjoy the artwork below. As always, click on any image below to get a better look at the picture.


Sunken Box

Liquified Clouds 0301

Liquified Fibers 0103


Liquified Clouds 0202