Art Roundup, week of March 21st

As each day comes to a close, I’ve either added another brush to my toolkit or explored some other brushes I’ve downloaded. Every new brush gives me greater insight into the inner workings of the applications and clarity for achieving a given look. Despite climbing to my first summit, the next peeks in my journey glare down at me from their lofty perches. Thankfully, I have never been one to back away from hardship. While a rough road may theoretically twist an ankle, it won’t deter me from my goal. Despite continuing to post my liquified textures and lines, I’m stretching my muscles with landscapes. Unfortunately, I am not one hundred percent satisfied with any of them. But that’s part of growing as an artist, whether with the written word or with a pen or stylus. Every day I carve out a little time to draw and with every work my skills continue to grow. And I’m excited about where they’ll take me.

Sit back and enjoy the artwork below and, as always, click on any image below to get a better look at the picture.

Liquified Clouds 0309

Twisted Red Stone

Purple Whisps

Fire Strands

Liquified Clouds 0406

Captured Sliver

Liquified Clouds 0507