Buried Bounty

The stories that I wrote for my Patrons this month have been close to my heart. I started March off with a drama that focused on a man who had to deal with Unwanted Answers. After completing that tale, I shifted my attention to the fantasy. While I stepped away from detailing another story focusing on my favorite grumpy wizard, I did not stray far from his world. With the first two narratives written, I turned my focus to my newest character, Samuel, a spell slinging bounty hunter in the Wild West.

While I was unsure how to craft Samuel’s new adventure, I was too eager to start his journey. Thankfully, I had come across a picture of an old-fashioned lantern that sparked my imagination. With the image in mind, I painted the broad swathes of Samuel and Pearl’s recent narrative. From those bare bones, I quickly detailed out the first draft. Despite the roughness of that initial pass, I stormed through the revisions until I was satisfied with Samuel’s latest search. Sit down and follow Samuel as he delves into a quarry to explore for his newest bounty.

Samuel chases Ronald Weaver to an abandoned mine. He leaves Pearl at the entrance as he explores the hidden depths with a magical lantern…

Burried Bounty

Pearl’s talons raked the ground as she settled down beside the cave. The dragon paced about the entrance while her neck folded along itself so she could study her rider.

Samuel reached up and caressed his creature’s maw as a grin split his face. He unfastened himself from the harness and spun around to open the saddlebag to his right and rummaged through it. After several moments, Samuel lifted a small comb and bounced the end against his left fist. He dropped it into the bag and continued searching.

Pearl nudged her snout between his shoulder blades.

He reached back, cupping Pearl’s neck with his arm as his fingers gripped around a metallic handle. He yanked a lantern from his leather satchel and slid down Pearl’s side. When his boots touched the ground, Samuel laid the thin strip of metal against his belt’s hook.

His feet rolled onto his toes as he drew his rifle from Pearl’s harness and rested it against his shoulder. Samuel reached down to the lantern’s base, twisted the dial, and the wickless chamber burst alight with a purple glow. Standing up, Samuel caressed the dragon’s side, “I’m heading inside to collect my bounty.”

The dragon nuzzled her maw against Samuel’s arm.




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