Art Roundup, week of March 28th

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone has a beautiful and memorable day with family and friends. While I dove into the picture for Easter, I pulled upon all the tips and tricks I’ve been learning to create the basket of Easter Eggs. As my skills develop with landscapes, I’ve also started painting hands. One Udemy course that I’ve gone through has detailed the basics of drawing fingers, but I’m still having trouble with that, so I’ve started my painting efforts by tracing royalty-free pictures of hands. So stay tuned for those initial hand paintings.

Sit back and enjoy the artwork below and as always, click on any image below to get a better look at the picture.

Happy Easter

Liquified Clouds 0407


Swirled Lotus

Liquified Clouds 0508

Melted Chain

Liquified Clouds 0210

Liquified Clouds 0408