Art Roundup, week of May 9th

Another Sunday brings another collection of links to my art on DeviantArt. In this collection there are two pieces that make me smile. The first is the Marble Skull Amulet, and the other is Bone Stones. Both doodles below were a lot of fun to make and added a lot of knowledge to my toolbox. As I laid my stylus down with those images, I’ve fallen into a comfortable workflow. And Interspersed between my pictures and writing, I have kept working on my skills for drawing characters, and I’m getting closer to show those pieces.

But in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the artwork below and as always, click on any image below to get a better look at the picture.

Red Blob 02

Flickering Metal

Marble Skull Amulet

Liquified Clouds 0606

Liquified Fibers 0303

Bone Stones

Liquified Clouds 0705