Art Roundup, week of May 23rd

There are a couple of interesting pieces mixed in with the liquified textures. Two of my pieces are liquified line art. One was developed while learning a new technique. But the last, that one is something special to me. For some time, I’d been wanting to draw a Top Hat for some time, but every attempt failed for a variety of reasons. However, on this journey, I needed to buckle down and keep drawing. With every image I draw, my artistic abilities continue to grow, and while I still have a long way to go, I finally drew a Top Hat I was happy to share with the world.

Sit back and enjoy the artwork below and as always, click on any image below to get a better look at the picture.

Melting Treble

Liquified Fibers 0401

Twisted Fibers 01

Top Hat

Liquified Clouds 0608

Screaming Souls

Liquified Fibers 0305