Silver Clouds Dirty Sky

While I love reading, being an adult is a giant time sink. Everyday something new sneaks up on me, demanding my attention. As a result, whenever I look up, vast swaths of free time have been gobbled up, and I’m rarely able to curl up somewhere with my kindle and read. To combat this disheartening reality, I turn to the wonderful world of audio books. And the best place to get that variant is Audible. I’ve been a member of that service for a long time now, and it’s allowed me to read while doing things like mowing the lawn or dealing with any commute. So, I’m always looking to add quality books to my collection. Thankfully, the Montague & Strong Case Files fit the bill.

So far, each installment has been packed full of interesting characters, it doesn’t matter if they’re the main characters or appearing for a brief cameo. And speaking of the titular characters, the dynamic between Simon and Tristan is priceless. Ever since Peaches the Hellhound became something other than a massive and odd pet, the exchanges between Simon and the creature have been beautiful to behold. When I finished Blood is Thicker, the ending stormed into the broad strokes of Silver Clouds Dirty Sky, bothered me. The only instance where I’m okay with a dangling storyline is when I’m presented with a clear-cut multi-part novel, i.e., a Part One and Two, or a trilogy.

Typically, whenever I run into that kind of shenanigan, I’m done with the author. However, there are two reasons I’ve ignored the teased storylines. The first is how late I discovered the series. Orlando Sanchez has published a fair number of books following the detective and mage, so I will hope that this behavior winds down as I progress further into the case files. While I’ll admit that’s a slim hope, the main reason I continue is for the trio of Tristan, Simon, and Peaches.

These characters are too addictive for me to write off. Thankfully, this installment doesn’t disappoint. Their antics continue to pull me along with their misadventures. The beginning of Silver Clouds Dirty Sky, starts right on the heels of rescuing Michiko from the Blood Hunters. Unfortunately, their victory appeared to be short-lived, as their magical tank turned to dust. Before the deathblow could be dealt, Dex teleported everyone across the pond, depositing them in London. Before they can say a word, the group gets sucked into the local politics and carnage ensues. As they escape from the fire, they wind up needing to deal with an infestation of demons.

Silver Clouds Dirty Sky

With each page, Orlando Sanchez strikes the perfect balance between action and dispensing knowledge. Every tidbit brings a little more of the mystery into focus, allowing everyone to follow the unfolding plot. The ending of this story is satisfying. Unfortunately, just like Blood is Thicker, Orlando has shoved a scene into the book that sets up the major conflict of the next narrative. Fortunately, for Mr. Sanchez, his characters help me get past this significant drawback.