Art Roundup, week of July 11th

As this year of drawing continues, I’m constantly seeing my skill develop and increase. Things that I couldn’t have done a few months ago are becoming commonplace in my sketches and finished pieces of art. However, I refuse to rely on my past accomplishments, there’s no surer way for skills to plateau. So, I’m constantly examining my finished pieces for all the flaws, both fundamental and perceived, to achieve my goals.

Out of everything I posted to my DeviantArt galleries, last week, two of them stand out. The first is Traveler. This image is another example of my liquified line art. I don’t remember the original shapes that I twirled and blended together, but I remember duplicating the shape a few times to arrange the character’s head. As I positioned the individual pieces, I pulled upon multiple sources to capture my angler’s headshot.

The other image I’d going to highlight is Tattered Flag, another creation derived from liquifying lines. Once I stretched out the gear shape, I ended up with an even stranger bit on my digital canvas. After applying color to my flat, yet interesting shape, I shaped the object with shadows and highlights until it took on the appearance of a tattered flag. Not satisfied with the completed flag, I dropped it into a body of water with some air bubbles rushing to the surface to complete the image.

Hunker down in your chair and enjoy the artwork below. As always, if you want a better look click a picture to head over to my DeviantArt gallery and consider buying a print.

Liquified Fibers 0404

Twisted Fibers 06

Tattered Flags


Fallen Twig

Liquified Clouds 0610

Falling Ring