Art Roundup, week of July 18th

While I’m proud of every piece of artwork that I create, I’m more attached to some. This week my favorites include Earthen Home, Wolf & Snake, and Weapon Table. The common thread connecting these images is that they started as a collection of lines.

As I liquified the lines for Earthen Home, the resulting blob took on the appearance of a tent. While the concept intrigued me, I didn’t want to paint a tent. As I continued to nudge it into its ultimate form, I thought back to all the stories I’ve ever heard about people who built their homes into a cliff, or the earth. Instantly, my stylus started surrounding my little home with earth and grass. Despite anchoring the home into a section of earth, it was missing something, so I added some light from the entrance and smoke from the earthen chimney. All the details completed this wonderful home.

Sometimes when I liquify lines, I know exactly what I’m creating before adding color. However, when I created Wolf & Snake, the image didn’t come into focus until I applied the gradient. The initial selection of colors needed to be tweaked. But once I saw my abstract animals, every subsequent layer helped craft the picture of a wolf staring off against a snake at night.

The last image I want to highlight is Weapon Table. While these weapons were created through liquifying several lines, I used shadows and highlights to turn these two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional objects. Once the rough shapes were crafted, I created a couple of Infinite Painter brushes to add some definition to the wood grain. To complete the setting, I created a woodgrain layer underneath the weapons, catching the shadows.

Hunker down in your chair and enjoy the artwork below. As always, if you want a better look click a picture to head over to my DeviantArt gallery and consider buying a print.

Liquified Fibers 0310

Golden Tree

Wolf & Snake

Weapon Table

Spearing Moonlight

Liquified Fibers 0210

Earthen Home