Art Roundup, week of July 25th

As another week comes to a close, I’m excited to bring my artwork to the readers of my blog. This week’s collection of artwork is highlighted by Twisted Fibers 07, Shrooms, and Magic Flare. These pieces showcase each of the three principal ways that I’ve been creating my art, the interesting technique, using the liquify tool, and doodling.

The internet is chock full of useful techniques for a variety of things, especially digital art. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a few of these and have made them my own. When I sat down to work on Twisted Fibers 07, I was eager to create the image. With each step of the process, the ultimate result emerged from the canvas. As I applied the final touches, the mingling shades of blue highlighted the nucleolus of the image.

Shrooms started off as a collection of lines. After swirling them about, I realized I was looking at a mushroom. Although I don’t enjoy eating them, the large shroom looked like it would be fun to turn into a piece of art. Before I started giving the fungus its definition, I duplicated it a few times and rescaled them to create a collection to give definition to them. With a scattering of mushrooms in place, I applied layer after layer to build out the definition and placed them in a forest.

As I push myself to become a better artist, I’m constantly trying to improve my skill at drawing characters. With that goal in mind, it’s best to focus on body parts rather than an entire person. Recently, I’ve focused on hands. After sketching out the hand for Magic Flare, I started creating another ball of magic. Once the doodle was finished, I started adding paint to the image, to give the illusion of depth to the hand.

Hunker down in your chair and enjoy the artwork below. As always, if you want a better look click a picture to head over to my DeviantArt gallery and consider buying a print.

Twisted Fibers 07


Distored Mask

Liquified Fibers 0405

Liquified Clouds 0710

Magic Flare