Art Roundup, week of August 15th

Despite the hectic nature of the last couple weeks, I’m thankfully getting myself back on track with these artwork roundup posts. Hopefully, I’ll be able to replicate this with the rest of my writing. Out of all the images I published to my DeviantArt galleries, I am excited about the watcher and patron exclusive of Ramas Caldwell and a pair of digital paintings that were born from liquifying some lines.

Recently, I’ve been exploring Ramas Caldwell in my artwork and my Micro Fiction. Every image I make with him and the story I tell brings me one step closer to a better understanding of this mysterious character. Despite everyone’s past influencing their future, Ramas’s history hangs a little tighter around his neck. His scarred eyes are the ultimate reason for his inability to escape his looming future. Even though I’ve only created images with his helmet, I’m eventually going to draw him without it and explain how a blind man can see.

Technology is an amazing thing. I remember my very first cell phone; it was a stick phone that could make calls. There was no texting or surfing the web or apps to install. It was a simple tool that allowed me to talk with family while I was in college, provided I didn’t go over my minutes. Thankfully, tech improves every day. Today, certain people do marvelous things with their cell phones, including letting a budding artist like me to draw when I’m nowhere near my tablet or computer. Leaping Creature is one of those pictures that I drew on my mobile device, using Infinite Painter. I threw some broad strokes and then started using the liquify tool and ended up with an interesting monster. After I created a couple of brushes, I placed my creation in a forest, capturing him as he goes to catch something from a friend.

Whenever I use the liquify tool, I never know what I’m going to create. Sometimes it’s nothing but an unmitigated mess, but occasionally I wind up with the perfect seed to an amazing image. Tri-Leaf is one of those instances. While I don’t remember what the original lines looked like, when I finished, a beautiful plant’s silhouette stared back at me. The moment I completed, I started coaxing the plant’s anatomy from the blackness, letting it take shape. With the plant complete, I placed it on a grassy hill with a mountain range in the distance to balance out its fragility.

Hunker down in your chair and enjoy the artwork below. As always, if you want a better look click a picture to head over to my DeviantArt gallery and consider buying a print.

Leaping Creature

Liquified Clouds 0711


Liquified Fibers 0312

Twisted Fibers 09