Art Roundup, week of August 29th

When I created my first cartoon of Ramas Caldwell, I was excited. It was the first time that I’d captured one of my characters. As I continued to capture this powerful yet mysterious individual, each success caused my beaming smile to widen. After capturing this manipulator of the world seven times, I took my first crack at my mad tinkerer, Harrison. The resulting piece of line art was another feather in my cap. And I delivered it to my patrons and my watchers on DeviantArt will be getting their chance to see it this week. Out of the remaining artwork I posted last week, Mountain King and Tree Sunset 001 are the highlights.

Despite both of them starting off as liquified lines, they quickly transformed into fantastic landscapes. For Mountain King, when the original shapes transformed into a rampaging monster, I instantly recognized that it belonged on a mountaintop. As I examined the creature, it reminded me of a child who won a round of King of the Hill. With that revelation, the rest of the image flowed out of my stylus, including the rising sun centering on the triumphant monster.

My other landscape doodle turned into a tree back lit by a setting sun. Unfortunately, Tree Sunset 001 didn’t have such a straightforward path to completion. Its transition from a collection of lines into a gnarled tree was as twisted as its trunk. Despite the ease of liquefying the lines, it took me multiple attempts to reveal the purpose of the creation. When I finished creating the canopy, the rest of the picture came into focus. However, I required the perfect backdrop for this tree, and after a couple of tries, I stumbled into the colorful sky below. Thankfully, it makes the tree pop and sooths my active mind.

Hunker down in your chair and enjoy the artwork below. As always, if you want a better look click a picture to head over to my DeviantArt gallery and consider buying a print.

Wrought Metal

Mountain King

Tree Sunset 001

Liquified Clouds 0712

Liquified Fibers 0409

Twisted Fibers 10