Tea Time

With each passing year, I fully intend to dedicate all the spare time I have to writing. Despite those lofty goals, life steps in and kicks me in the mouth. Whether I get sucked into some games, tv shows, books, or troubling times, I’ve never been able to claim that level of dedication. This year is no different. The constant barrage upon my focus forces me to make choices concerning the one limited resource we all have: time.

There are days when I make decisions that allow my creative pursuits to flourish. However, there are others when I pull myself away from the current distraction and realize it’s well past midnight. Every time that happens, I wish life was like a movie, so I could rewind the clock and alter the choices that I made. Unfortunately, that wish is useless. Thankfully, one of the defining aspects of life is we can learn from our mistakes and make better choices.

So when it came time to revisit Aiden’s adventures in the Academy, I leaned into those desires to craft another story between Aiden and Ramona.

Come, sit down and allow me to give you a mini-escape and kindle your imagination.


“Can I ask you a question?”

As droplets fell from the infuser, Ramona gestured at the open seat. “Unfortunately, Aiden, there’s not enough tea to share, but please join me.”

“That’s okay,” Aiden said, sitting down. “I’m not all that thirsty.”

With a warm smile, Ramona laid the small mesh sphere onto the plate as she lifted the metal carafe. “Well, what can I do for you?”




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