Probing Inquiry

With Friendly Banter and Reunion written, I turned my attention to my patron’s last story for June, a mystery. Thankfully, I’ve developed a couple of characters that are perfect for helming this tale. Unfortunately, the only difficulty is how much I love both detectives. That love makes it all too hard to choose which one over the other. This month, my earlier stories simplified my decision with the interaction between Jessica and Kyle in Friendly Banter. I couldn’t leave Kyle being shown up by my master thief.

Fortunately, my private eye has an exceptional mind to leverage. I just needed an opportunity for him to flex his mental capability.

Sit down and get cozy, while we watch Kyle Rickman seek the answer for his latest case.

Walking through a store, Kyle examines the remaining goods. After getting confirmation as to their value, he interrogates the employee…

Probing Inquiry

Sauntering along the counter, Kyle’s fingertips traced the panes of glass. When he reached the end of the row, he stopped and kneeled, letting his eyes linger on the contents. As his chest swelled, he flicked the clear walls. “Have these been replaced?”

“No,” the clerk behind the counter said as he wiped the pristine surfaces. “The thief didn’t linger. He came and took what he could before bolting.”

Kyle’s eyes popped up as he turned toward the other side of the counter. “Doesn’t that surprise you?”

While the clerk’s hand continued wiping the counter, his head swept back and forth.

Kyle’s gaze fell to the case as his finger bounced against its edge. “These pieces look real.”

“If you say so.”

With a grin, the detective placed his palms onto the glass and leaned over it. “If they are, they’re more valuable than what the thief swiped from your boss.”




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