Misty Invaders

With Safe Haven and Stratagems completed, my focus snapped onto the final tale for February, A Science Fiction tale. Instantly, the Drifter II’s crew flooded into my mind. Just like with Stratagems, this tale is tangentially connected with a piece of micro fiction that centered on Selina and her magical capabilities, specifically brewing potions.

In this entry to the Drifter’s logs, the crew will deal with ethereal creatures from a nebula and the defense provided by Selina’s concoctions.

Slip into a comfortable chair and get ready to follow the crew of the Drifter II, defend themselves from non-corporeal creatures.

After fending off an attacker, the Drifter II enters a nebula to hide while they perform necessary repairs, when ghostly creatures invade…

Misty Invaders

As sparks erupted from the console over Lucille’s head, the pilot’s gaze whirled toward the vanishing flashes. “We can’t continue to push the Drifter past her limits!”

“What would you like us to do?”

“Stop picking fights with every vessel we come across!”

With a grunt, Charles’ fingers danced across his controls. “I’m not exactly searching for fights.”

“You don’t do much to avoid them.” Lucille’s eyes narrowed as she ground her teeth. “But right now, I’ll settle for finding a place to hide while you fix this flying deathtrap!”

“She doesn’t mean it,” the captain said while running a hand across the Drifter’s hull.

A snort erupted from Lucille’s lips as her eyes narrowed into slits. “Don’t tell me what I meant!”

Charles scoffed as he leaned over his console and pointed toward the whirling pinkish hues of the nebula hanging on the other side of the cockpit’s viewport. “Why don’t you pull us into the heart of that swirling ball of gas?”




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