Criminal Search

With the stack of forms before me dwindling and the Disturbances finished, I turned my attention to the second story for my patrons, a mystery. These are always fun puzzles to both craft and work out. While I strive to create better quandaries, I’ve developed a stable of investigators. However, after just crafting a tale featuring my master thief, I was eager to tie my mystery to Jessica’s work. Fortunately, with some previous work, I’ve placed Kyle in the same universe as Jessica. So, it didn’t take long for me to choose my detective for this narrative.

After comparing the reports from a recent series of thefts, Kyle grabs a surveillance photo and seeks a friend on the force for some help. With some back and forth, Mr. Rickman secures some time with the latest criminal in his search for the elusive thief.

Having pulled in a favor with the police, Kyle enters the interrogation room armed with a coffee and case file to question Harrison…

Criminal Search

“Kyle, what are you expecting from him?”

The lean investigator tapped the file against his chest as he stared through the two-way mirror. “All I need is a name.”

The officer pressed a finger against the glass as his gaze drifted to the private eye. “And you seriously think this lump can provide it?”

“Stop fretting, Paul.” Kyle tucked the folder under an arm as he plucked his coffee off the nearby table. “Have you disabled the room’s surveillance?”

“You won’t make me regret this favor, will you?”

With a wink, Kyle stepped to the door. “Why would you ask that?”

“Whatever speculation you two have is off the record.” The officer’s shoulders slumped, emphasizing his broad chest as a sigh rushed past his lips. He kicked the clean floor and stalked toward the open doorframe. “Just don’t leave bruises.”

“You’re worrying over nothing,” Kyle said, grasping the handle. With an impish grin, the investigator sipped his steaming coffee as he opened the door and sauntered inside. When the soft click shattered the terse stillness, he rounded the table and slid into the open chair. Kyle tossed the file in front of the bound individual while sipping his drink.




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