Art Roundup, week of August 27

As we continued to wander through the habitats of Mill Mountian Zoo, each of the sights and animals were wonderful to see. Head over to your favorite image and comment on its DeviantArt page.If you see any images here that aren’t available on Natural Desygns or SM Desygns reach out to me through the Etsy store and I’ll add the image to the correct store. In the meantime, click any of the images to head over to DeviantArt to get a better look.

Who Are You

As we watched these otters play, one of them paused, perched upon its balance beam. The lithe animal held its place on the log like a statue of carved marble. An instant before the animal dashed away, its look morphed into an inquisitive expression. However, instead of reminding me about an inquisitive child, the otter’s facial features reminded me of a cop probing a criminal sitting across from him in the interrogation room.

After we finished watching the otters play, we turned around to find another artificial animal. While there are several kinds of animals, this constructed creature could represent, the first animal that I saw from this constructed beast was a sly fox. Do you agree? Or do you see another animal here?

Assembled Fox

Climbing Frogs

One of the last things we explored at Mill Mountain Zoo was the Reptile House. As soon as we entered the humid building, we discovered an extensive collection of frogs. The first aquarium I found contained a handful of yellow frogs, exploring their terrain of rock and greenery as they continued searching for higher ground.

As we continued exploring the aquariums, I found another exotic frog. This was a combination of black and yellow. While the other group was only starting their climb of the surrounding terrain, this single amphibian was reaching the summit of its domain.

At the Summit