Every year I’m convinced that it’ll be the one where I get all the writing I want to do done. Unfortunately, my day job and other responsibilities pull me away from what I love, and I find myself staring at the deadline for the month. However, that looming deadline does wonders to spark my imagination. When I pulled the results of my genre poll for September, my mind started wading through potential storylines. Eventually, I settled on blending some fantasy elements with the first genre, an Action/Adventure.

As I waded through the plot concepts, I latched onto Darren Gilbert as the catalyst for this tale. When I sat down to begin working on the tale, it didn’t take long for me to coax the skeleton of the story from the depths of my mind. While I’ve highlighted the failures of the Hunters, you might think they’re all push overs. Unfortunately, the characters I’ve been exploring from Darren’s world are the cram of the crop and they’re motivated to be better than the council’s militant arm.

Grab a chair and join me as we delve into the latest installment in Darren’s life.

While exploring the forest near his home, a hunter attacks Darren. Fortunately, the initial strike missed…


As mud seeped into Darren’s pants, he reached for a fallen branch. When his fingers wrapped around the deteriorating side of the limb, a bolt of crackling energy raced over his head and slammed into a nearby tree. His fingertips tightened about the wooden rod as he leaped forward, rolling to his feet and whirling toward the source of the attack.

A series of emphasized claps rang out through the forest. After the last thunderclap, a silence descended upon them, and the interloper folded his arms behind his back. “Your reflexes are impressive.”

Darren’s chest swelled with the acrid air rising from the scorched tree as his stance widened. His free hand ran along the limb, severing the offshoots from the makeshift staff. With a grim smile, he brandished the improvised weapon over his head. As it whirled overhead, a soft, pale glow pulsed from his exposed skin. “Thankfully, hunters have the same fatal flaw.”

“Which would be?”

“Every one of you is too arrogant and lazy to bother determining the abilities of who you’re pursuing.”

“Do you believe the council, or the Hunters are worried about naïve fools like you?” Energy jumped about the hunter’s extended fingers as his teeth widened. “We are the ones tasked with capturing those who choose to waste their life running away rather than embracing their destiny to rule this world, because we’re the most skilled.”

“There are mages more capable than you.” The staff’s speed increased as its illumination brightened. “Unfortunately, you’ll learn that lesson soon enough.”




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