Dubious Meeting

As the month dwindles away, it seems that February’s extra day is as useless as it always is. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for all the irons I have in the fire. While I have kept up with the artwork roundup posts, I’ve simply run out of time for publishing, continuing my ongoing stories over at Wattpad and the micro tales I want to publish over at Ko-fi. However, as always, I do not forget my patrons. So, as the end of this elongated month looms over me, I pushed my other projects to the side and crafted my first story for February.

After tabulating the votes from the genre poll, the initial story was going to be a drama. However, as I thought about what to write, I remembered Hidden Exchange. After knocking off some of the rust, I remembered publishing this picture prompt here on my blog. While there was a solid resolution to the immediate tale, I left the ending a little open. Since it had been a while since I’d explored this crew’s adventures, I needed to reread the story to ensure all the details were correct.

Thankfully, my memory of Hidden Exchange was fairly accurate, so the bare bones I’d envisioned were an excellent starting point. So, grab a comfortable seat and join as we follow the latest installment of the crew of the Scythe.

After securing their client’s cargo, the Scythe heads to their destination, where Daniel and Harlan disembark for their meeting…

Dubious Meeting

“He’s going to stiff us, boss,” Harlan said, sipping his brew.

“That’s an outlandish position.”

“If I were the client,” Harlan said, thumping his chest with a thumb, “I’d leave us high and dry with the cargo.”

Daniel gripped his glass and swirled the contents, releasing more of its fruity aroma. “There’s no reason for our client to stand us up.”

“You’ve been saying that for the last hour.” Harlan reached across the table, threatening him with the brew. “You seem to be forgetting about the scuffle we had when we secured the goods.”

“He wouldn’t consider that a justifiable excuse for skipping out on our meeting,” Daniel said, shaking his head.

Having finished his drink, Harlan wiped his lips dry before sliding his glass into the center of the table. The instant he removed his fingers, the central circle inscribed into the surface opened like a predator’s mouth as it pounced for its next meal.




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