Art Roundup, week of March 4th

Last week, the images I posted revolved around a few snapshots in my life. While none of these moments were earth shattering for my life, they were all moments that teased a smile out of me. Also, each of these images started out as photos captured with a camera phone. When I thumbed through my catalogue of photos, these popped, captivating my imagination and desire to transform them into watercolors. Hopefully, these will bring a smile to your face, as they do when I study them.If you see any images here that aren’t available on Natural Desygns or SM Desygns reach out to me through the Etsy store and I’ll add the image to the correct store. In the meantime, click any of the images to head over to DeviantArt to get a better look.

Care for a Game?

Back when I worked in Crystal City, my commute contained a nice water feature. Shortly after starting my job, I bought a folding bike so that I could shorten the trip from the train station to my office building. In fact, the bike in the image is the bike I rode during that stretch. However, back in 2016 towards the end of July, a wonderful life-sized chess board. Immediately, upon seeing this setup, I hopped off my bike and circled everything. It didn’t take long for me to grab a snapshot of the image, to ensure that I would never forget about this nifty feature while it stood.

A few days after its introduction to the sidewalk beside a water feature, the days progressed, the chessboard in Crystal City got some use. Given my requirement to stick to the train schedule, I never had the opportunity to play a game with the set or even enjoy working with the set. However, every time I passed the set, the pieces were in new positions, as if I was catching people in the middle of a game. The set’s turnover broke up the monotony of the commute and made me smile. While I eventually stopped and captured an image from one of these random games, looking back, I wish I’d taken more of them.


Flowing Petals

Shortly after moving into my new home, I walked outside and soaked in the nature making up my backyard. While the bushes no longer are present, I’m glad I captured a photo when they were in bloom. In this watercolor rendition of the photo, a portion of the white petals appear to have been ripped from their homes by a gust in the wind and are starting their journey in the wind. I hope you enjoy this beautiful sight.

The last image I published on DeviantArt was added to a new Premium Gallery that I will continue adding to over time. Click here to gain access to my Man’s Best Friend gallery. And enjoy the wondrous snapshots of my dogs and other pooches that I find as I explore the world. While the initial shot isn’t one of mine, it was a priceless moment that I’ll never forget about.

There is something special about the Fourth of July, and back in 2019, I captured a magnificent sight. After visiting a stand to buy fireworks in a Safeway parking lot, I saw a dog sitting in a car. While it’s hard to tell, the car’s windows were vented to ensure the dog would be fine while the owner was in the store, though if my memory serves me correctly, it wasn’t an uncomfortably hot day. However, as soon as the purchased fireworks were in my car, I took a picture of the pup, since finding the dog sitting in the driver’s seat was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hope you enjoy the rendition.