New Roads

I hope everyone has had a good April so far. Despite recent attempts to get back on a schedule for the flash fiction for my patrons, my other projects continue to loom over me and steal time away from me. However, as I’ve promised my patrons, I will always publish your stories. So as the end of April loomed over me, I thought about potential stories for both a note driven ghost story and my Partners series.

Ultimately, the rough idea that popped into my mind for a new installment of my note ghost stories won out. Thankfully, I didn’t require a prompt. The rough story line that became New Roads emerged mostly fleshed out. Historically, I’ve focused on a direct impact on someone they know or have interacted with shortly before the ghost’s death. However, this time, I wanted to explore how people can impact other people after their death.

So, grab a chair and follow me as we witness the journey of a shade who’s seeking answers about why she’s wandering through a stranger’s home.

As a shade explores a stranger’s home, has a debate with the mystical note that guided her to this individual’s home…


As the shade drifted through the walls of a stranger’s home, she paused whenever she glided across a photograph. Her wispy fingers traced each face as she studied every line and curve, searching for a hint of familiarity. Yet, after studying every picture on display in this person’s home, the shade’s ethereal hands rubbed her fluttering arms while her gaze drifted to the ceiling. “Have I satisfied your wants? I came and explored the house, but I don’t know who lives here. So, please tell me what I am doing here?!”

When the final syllable echoed off the wall, a pulse of pain raced up the ghost’s arm. She twisted her hand to watch as the note attached to her palm undulated, like an octopus’s tentacle groping for an outcropping. After the paper’s motion stopped, it began to shrink, revealing more of her hand. Once all its movement ceased, a new cryptic message was scrawled across it, causing the previous text to vanish.

You are where you need to be.

The shade’s ethereal body fluttered as she drifted across the hardwood floor. “That’s not telling me much. Could you please give me a little more? I mean, I’m aware that you won’t surrender all your secrets, but couldn’t you provide me with some details that will get me in the right vicinity?”

Instantly, another pulse of pain roared up her arm, forcing the shade to curl up and crash into the floor. When she emerged from the flooring, she glanced at her palm and grumbled after reading another useless platitude.

To unlock life’s greatest rewards, you must understand the complexities of patience and be willing to embrace it.




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