I have had my fair share of bad days, but the last twenty-four hours ranked as the worst of my life. I mean it wasn’t every day that you ended up standing over your own bullet-ridden corpse. There’s something about getting shot in the chest that really puts a damper on your day. But, surprising as is might sound, getting shot wasn’t the worst part. Alexis and I had worked very, very hard to come up with this plan. Granted, we didn’t have a lot of time to make it but we had been very thorough, at least, we thought we had been. Apparently we were wrong.

I stood staring down at my wounds when I heard something that pulled my attention up to Bertrand Dempsey’s wild eyes. Why were those normally steadfast eyes so wild? This man’s patience and determination were legendary; they were central to every story, rumor, or tale that I had ever heard about him. But for some reason, in this moment, that legendary resolve was broken. I stared into those eyes as I struggled to find the right word to describe what I found. But in the end, the only word that I could make fit was, excitement.

There he was, standing over my corpse, with the literal smoking gun in his hand, and he was excited about it. What was wrong with the man? As he stood there, basking in what he had done, his eyes shifted from my corpse to his next victim, Alexis. The excited look in his eyes grew ever so slightly as he studied the man standing next to my corpse. Was Dempsey truly demented? Scratch that, of course he was demented, and if something didn’t change soon, then I was just as demented for coming up with this plan. It had sounded like a good idea at the time. But now, with Dempsey standing with a loaded gun and turning his sights upon Alexis, I was beginning to have second thoughts.

The next moment another explosion erupted and before I knew it, Alexis was lying on the floor, gripping his arm. Dempsey must really be enjoying himself to have simply shot Alexis in the arm. If I had been able, I would have screamed. Why had I let Alexis alter my plan at all? Then again, what did it matter now? Alexis had assured me that with the noise Dempsey would cause when he arrived, one of his neighbors was bound to call the police. Well Dempsey had certainly made enough noise when he entered the house, but so far, there were no police. You would think that someone driving right through the front door would have gotten someone’s attention.

Dempsey didn’t own any lightweight cars and this vehicle was no exception. So why was the night still void of sirens? After all, I had only agreed to this alteration to my plan because Alexis guaranteed that the police would arrive here in plenty of time. And yet, they were still annoyingly absent.

When I had suggested that the police might not arrive until it was too late, Alexis had also assured me that he would be able to stretch out Dempsey’s actions until the police could arrive. But I guess the wall slowing Dempsey down was just too much to ask for since it had given way all too easily. And once he was through the wall, he had lost no time finding the pair of us. Before either of us could do anything, Dempsey shot me. Now he stood over Alexis, seemingly taking his time and enjoying himself.

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