Harrison & Sylvia


Harrison is the eldest son of a powerful nobleman of the Isles. And he would rather tinker than learn how to run the family business. With a tireless effort, he manages to prove that his tinkering is of value. Not only to his father but to the king of the Isles. He manages to befriend the king making a powerful ally in his desire to explore how things work.

While Sylvia is a shifter, who is diligent at keeping the King of the Central Kingdom alive. She is a very skilled woman. Capable of traveling where most others cannot and finding information when others cannot. Since she can alter her form, she always has weapons close at hand which helps her honor her contracts. Her current employer flaunts his wealth and power. As a result, frustrated by the King’s harsh rule, the citizens are seeking as an escape.

Each has had their own personal struggles and of course their personal triumphs. Yet Sylvia is forced to enter the rift, a mythical portal that sends someone to another world. Once Sylvia arrives on that other world one of the first people she sees is Harrison. He approaches her backed by a handful of armed guards. Though their meeting is far from amicable, they are thrust together to try and learn from each other.

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