The moment I finished Banter and Replenished Defenses, my mind churned, seeking the baseline for a potential mystery to give Mr. Rickman. While I’m placing pieces to have my master thief battle my implacable investigator, the underlining story isn’t ready to pluck from the depths of my mind. So in the meantime, I’m chipping away at their broader world. As potential storylines emerged from the murky shadows, a couple pieces of inspiration crept to the surface.

While Shawn Spencer is no Sherlock Holmes, both had examples where they would look at the facts at their disposal and find the truth effortlessly. Honestly, I’m not trying to put Kyle Rickman on that level, but I wanted to lean into that skill with this piece of flash fiction.

Find a comfortable chair, hunker down, and dig into the latest mystery for Mr. Rickman.

After his brief conversation with Jessica, Kyle Rickman hunkers down in his office to study crime reports when a friend comes seeking help…



Kyle snapped the file shut and tossed it on his desk as he spread his feet, revealing his office door. “Nobody’s here.”

“We need to talk, Kyle.”

With a sigh, the investigator ran his fingers through his hair. “Door’s open.”

As the wooden slab swung inward, a head poked through the opening. “I’m surprised you’re here by yourself.”

“Paul, Gregory’s working a case, and Susan needed to go home.” Kyle pulled his feet off his desk as he rubbed his forehead and leaned forward, planting an elbow on the desk’s edge. “What can I do for you?”

The officer slipped into Kyle’s office and scurried to the free chair, his head whipping about, searching for a pending blow. “I need some help.”




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