Update for Drawing Thin

Whenever I’m finished with my initial work on one of my stories, be it a short story or a full-length novel, I can’t wait to get feedback on my work. This was true for Dead Man’s Hand, the flash fiction I post on my blog to the other tales that I’ve been busy crafting. So once I finished the initial work on Drawing Thin, I immediately started reaching out to people that I trust to give me their honest thoughts on what I had. In fact, I implored them to tell me where I messed up. Those particular notes mean more to me than the ones that highlight what they think I did right...

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Riding Metal

“Good morning Lewis.” One of the numerous rodeo clowns said with a smile

“Morning,” Lewis replied as he hurried toward his private locker room. The technicians had certainly taken their time examining all of his cybernetics. He sighed as he transitioned into a run, while he admitted that with this particular bull, Lewis would never have been allowed to skip the examination. He just wished that the technicians had been swifter in their examination.

The bull that Lewis was going to ride was named Metalus. It was the only cybernetically enhanced bull in any rodeo, which was the reason he had to have his own cybernetics certified. He was approaching his locker room when he caught sight of his manager waving him down. Lewis slowed to a brisk walk and once he was within arms distance asked, “Everything okay?”

“Where have you been?”

“Getting my exam,” Lewis replied as he waved his metallic arm in front of his manager’s face...

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My Upcoming Short Stories

I remember almost five years ago I bought a computer game called Torchlight from Amazon. A friend had recommended the game, and I decided it was time to give it a try, so I started a game. There are three classes for that game, the Vanquisher, the Destroyer and The Alchemist. I remember hearing that the Alchemist was akin to a mad scientist, at least in the broadest of definitions. So I leapt at the chance to play the Alchemist, and I gave him the name Harrison.

One of the interesting aspects of the game is that your character gets an animal companion right from the start. I chose the feline companion, and I came up with the name of Sylvia, I may have used the random name generator though at this point I honestly can’t remember how I chose the name of that companion...

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The Missing

Keldon was walking down the hill his team had been dispatched to search, and there was still no signs of their missing colonists. Thankfully over the first three months on this new world, the colonists had managed to survive despite the crash and the vicious creatures that have been found on the planet’s surface. From the roaming giant wolves to the swooping dragons, they had run into many animals that seemed to have been pulled out of legend yet somehow existed on this planet. But despite the dangers from the local wildlife they had managed to form a foothold on the world. Crops were beginning to take root in the alien soil, and the remnants of the herds were already replenishing their numbers. And right when things were looking fantastic, three of the more reliable colonists just vanished, as if they had never existed.

Tarian had immediately ordered the search, but after a long week filled with searching that yielded no results, people were beginning to think that they had been caught by the local wildlife...

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Journey of Thanks

Tully looked down at his hand and reviewed the note that was firmly attached. He stared at the writing and remembered dying while attempting to save the life a little girl. Unfortunately, that particular memory was still hazy, and the only thing he could remember with perfect clarity was the crushing coldness as the water pulled him under. As a shiver ran down his incorporeal spine, Tully looked up from the address that was perfectly imprinted upon the paper. As Tully stared in front of himself and saw the building that he had been directed to.

Tully was unsure what he should do, the note had an apartment number, but he was not sure it would do him any good. The ghost looked around the street, but he couldn’t see anyone there, a fact that was more unnerving than even regaining consciousness as a ghost...

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